Rich vs Poor financial mindset.

concept of rich and poor in a person

A rich mindset deals with reality swiftly, humbly, and practically. It knows the world owes it nothing, that the universe is unfair to its existence, that the default for life is suffering and death.

A poor mindset is consumed by the unfairness of the world, and wastes time complaining about it. It feels the world owes it something and waits for it to be handed out.

Adulting is simply, just knowing how to budget and keep track of your personal finances. Staying in your financial lane means keeping your expenses less than your income.

People often ask themselves whats the differences between a poor and a rich?

Basically rich people have their money work hard for them while poor work hard for their money meaning that rich people will get the choice to work or not.

Meanwhile, poor people don’t invest their money and are stuck working for the rest of their lives. People with poor mindest often live on paycheck to paycheck, the never save their money and always resort to paying for things with credit.

What truly separates the rich from the poor is that:

  • The rich never stop learning.
  • They sell value not time.
  • They pay themselves first.
  •  They have a growth mindset not a fixed one.
  • They harness the power of delaying gratification.
  • They build multiple streams of income.
  • They surround themselves with great minds while the average people think rich people are snobs.

What separates the poor from the rich:

  • Poor people watch a lot of tv.

TV is the default stimulus for not having anything better to do in life. You have no idea what you’d want to look upon the internet which contains everything you could possibly imagine in the world. You have no idea where you’d want to go. So, you just take the pretty default action of just pigging out on a couch and watching TV and you still wonder why you still poor.

Poor people spend too much time watching soapies instead of facing the real world and that consumes most of their time and it changes their mindset about real things in general.

Celebrities gossip and buzz offer no value to your life but it only serves the celebrities. Rich people aim to be on TV instead of watching it.

You might say the only good reason why you watch news change; is because you want to know what’s happening around the world and staying informed, the problem I see with this programmed tv is that they are always biased to fit in their own agenda.

Instead, use the power of the internet to get a quick glimpse of what the world is like today and move on to do your own thing.

  • Poor people eat fast food.

It’s not always due to ignorance–lack of knowledge about proper nutrition, though it can be in some cases. It cost less to eat unhealthy fast food.

Health is really important and many poor people have no interest in knowing what in their food or what should a healthy meal look like and they barely know nothing about nutrition.

Value meals at fast food places are cheaper than buying a head of lettuce, some tomatoes, a jar of pickles, a bottle of thousand Islands Dressing, ground beef, a bag of potatoes, cooking oil, and a litter of Coke at the market.

Poor people are blasting their brains with a large quantity of sugar and fats with no nutritional value, they are actively ruining their bodies and they can not perform at 100% of their potential. If you are not healthy all aspects of your life are directly affected because you will suffer physically, mentally, professionally, and even romantically.

  • Poor people buy clothes or products on sale.

Let me put it this way, the only thing you should buy on sale are stocks while poor people are looking to conserve or stretch the little that they have, the rich are focused on increasing their income.

Just think about it, the clothes that end up being on sale are the ones that people could afford to pay them on full price don’t want so by buying clothes on sale you just making sure that you are looking exactly like someone who cant afford to pay the full price.

  • Poor people wake up late.

Poor people are often lazier than the rich in the early days. Someone who used their youth to grow themselves is a lot less to remain poor later on life.

Instead if you wake up late, don’t educate yourself, waste time on meanless activities at one point you will find yourself so far behind with the world needs from you and you will end up miserable.

The fact is, people who don’t focus on growth in the early days end up working a lot harder with little success rate later in life just to stay afloat.


  • Poor people blame others for their misfortunes.

How many people do you know that have some sort of excuse or blame others for not being successful yet?

There are some things that are out of our control but 99% of your life is on you, remember that you are in charge of your life, your relationships, your health, and if you want these things to change do something about it.

Life is not about what happens to us its how we react to what happens to us when something bad happens the poor choose to victimize themselves while the rich look into it and seek to find out what happened, why it happened, and how they protect from it in the future.

Well one assumes the position of vulnerable victim while the other uses it as the growing point

  • Poor people don’t have money saved.

One of the differences between the poor people and the rich is that the former don’t get ready on what’s next, having money put aside allows for growth, let’s say something bad happens if you have money set aside then your problem is solved and you can resume your life.

If you don’t and the situation is urgent what do you do? You either liquidate an asset like your car, house, etc or you can take up a loan.

For the rich when a situation is over, they are left in the same position minus the savings while for someone who is poor their lifestyle is being dramatically hit or now belong to the creditor.

Now let’s look at the exact opposite where an opportunity arises, those who have money put aside now have the chance to expand their lives while the other cant afford to take the full advantage of this opportunity, that’s why the rich are growing richer and poor are getting poorer.

  • Poor people use credit cards or take out loans for useless things.

One of the main differences between the rich people and the poor is how they make use of credit, the rule is simple if you take up a loan to do something that doesn’t generate more money than the loan then don’t take it.

That’s simple, you should only use credit if what you will be using it for is an investment, don’t take out a loan to just buy a TV or get a new iPhone, unless you are using your iPhone to develop a new app to grow your business.

These items should not be on your credit, instead earn the money then spend it.

  • Poor people tend to have more kids and earlier in their life.

The truth is kids are a precious gift from God but it becomes a problem when the money is scarce but the poor keeps on expanding their families for different reasons.

Because child mortality rates in the developing world are so high, parents may intentionally have large families because the grim reality is that sometimes children don’t survive.

In some developing countries, the government doesn’t provide a pension or social security benefit, so parents must rely on their children to care for them in their old age.

But if you are living in one of the developed countries, raising a kid will cost you too much since the standard of living is high.

Because of lack of education, bad environment, and other factors poor people have on average more children at their younger age than their rich counterparts. The poor just go ahead with it, once the baby comes, the struggle begins.

While the rich wait for a couple of years until their standards of living improve in order to assure the right environment and prime conditions for their children to flourish.

From this article you’ve learned that a positive attitude, focusing on doing the right thing overlooking good, becoming a continual learner, and careful risk management are all differences between the rich and poor.

This reduces their odds of becoming poor after disaster strikes, and it helps them achieve their financial goals over the long-term.

Rich mindset seeks to spend their time, resources, and energy on work that continues to pay off long after the effort has been invested. Rich mindset is all about getting a flywheel spinning. Building momentum. Creating systems that continue to generate value on their own.

Poor mindset believes it can get away with compromising its reputation to make a quick buck.

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